Monday, 2 July 2007


Yesterday i went to Baby Ray Ryhan Looi Rui Han's one month celebration at Rivervale Drive. Baby Ray is Kucik's (Fazreenda) 2nd son with Roy Looi. They have another elder son, Ryen. Kucik was my primary school friend from Aroozoo School. I last met Kucik in 1989...separated after our PSLE! That is almost 18 years since we last met! Together with us yesterday was Masita and her boyfriend, Syed. We were only recently reunited on my son's belated 9th birthday in early March 2007!

So yesterday, i left home at 5pm and 'dropped' Ammar at my in'law's house. He doesn't want to tag along. He is a 'big' boy now and rather watch tv or play video games.
Masita and Syed were already at the void deck waiting for us. Sorry guys, me and Zakki are never familiar with Sengkang area...we always got lost on the road! LOL.

Anyway,once arrived i wasted no time...I told Kucik, "I wanna eat. I am hungry"...hee hee. Infact i was really ungry cos i only cooked for my children's lunch. Normally i will dine at my in law's house on weekends.

The food cooked by Kucik's mom was really delicious...Yasmin and i had our second servings! Not only that, i continued with deeserts after that!

Anyway, it was nice to meet up once in a while...catching up with time loss over the years. Oh boy, take a look at Kucik's elder son, Ryen. He weighed a whooping 15kg at 13+ months! Whereas Yasmin weighed only 13kg at 33 months! Ryen looked so chunky but wait till you see his 'popeye' smile which i grabbed his photo from his mommy's Friendster's account!

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