Tuesday, 19 June 2007


On Friday,1st June 2007, Ammar was circumcised at KK Hospital. Zakki droved us there and went back home. He had just finished his night shift and so needed rest. I knew Ammar was freaking scared cos his hands were cold when i held him. Hmmm....sorry Ammar...you have to go through this once in your life hee hee. There were many boys due to circumcised on that day as well. I tried to console Ammar but it didn't worked. Instead he 'wept' quietly by my side. It didn't bother him if other boys were looking at him either hee hee. After registration, Ammar was asked to change to a 'blue robe' and was briefed about the whole procedure by a 'counsellor'. And again he cried sigh....He really was freaking scared! Everything went well until when he was asked if he had taken any food after 8am? Well...i did gave him a 'gummy' knowingly he had to fast from 8am onwards. But Ammar was so hungry and thirsty and thought a small 'gummy' would be harmless. Boy i was wrong! Ammar had to be on totally empty stomach 6 hours before the surgery. This is to avoid complications like choking should he cough during surgery. And bcos of my 'silly' act, Ammar's surgery had to be postponed from 12noon to 3pm!

I had no choice but to call my MOM to come over to KK cos i need to eat. I ate nothing since morning and I can't leave Ammar alone so someone has to take care of him. It was raining heavily but MOM came with Yasmin. Can you see her happy face? She was just too happy to accompany Ammar hee hee.

Finally at 3pm, Ammar had his surgery. It took only 15 minutes before he was wheeled to the Recovery Room. He woked up at 4pm feeling groggy. He was given a muffin and a hot milo. Well he has to 'pee' before he was allowed to go home. I was also briefed by the nurse about taking care of the 'wound'. I almost fainted when i saw Ammar's new 'lil bro'. It was red and raw...eeeee...aarrgghh.....I shall leave it to my parents to take care of it LOL.
The next day on Sat, 2nd June 07, we held a thanks giving for Ammar. Relatives and friends came to give Ammar their best wishes.

Me and Zakki were really busy on that day. Lunch was supposed to start at 1pm but our guests came as early as 12noon! And disappointingly even by 1pm the food were not ready. Infact so many things happened that very morning. I don't know what happened but it seemed zakki's aunt whom we paid for her catering service was 'delayed' in so many things. Thank god my decision to rent the 'play-rides' made most parents happy! Just looked at Yasmin and the child guests!

On that day, i was re-united with Sharifah Saniyah. We lost touch for almost 19 years. Really happy to see her again after so long.

Last but not least, me and Zakki would like to thank both of our families and relatives who had helped us in making the Thanks Giving a successful one.

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