Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Father's Day

This year we decided to celebrate Father's Day by going for a short holiday in Malaysia. Together with us were Zuraini, his lovely wife, Sue and their cute daughter, Tiara. Not forgetting were Salim and his families as well. The weather wasn't good but we decided to take the chance. Yes! We went to Sunway Lagoon! We spent almost a good 6 hours at the Wet & dry Themeparks!

But Yasmin wasn't in her good mood on that day at the Dry Themepark. She was scared of the heights and the loud noise of those rides. She clung to Zakki like a Koala bear and refused to let go. So in the end, only Ammar and Zuraini's family enjoyed the rides while me, Zakki and Yasmin sat on the bench!

Then we went to Pyramid Shopping Centre before driving off to De Colmar Tropicale @ Bt Tinggi for a night stay. With the traffic jam, it took almost 2 hours to arrive there! Yasmin and Ammar slept soundly in the car. Guessed they must be too tired with the afternoon activities at Sunway Lagoon. The roads were winding and dimly lighted but alhamdullilah we arrived safely at 9pm. We had our dinner first and checked in later. That night all of us slept early especially Zakki cos he drove long hours.

The next morning (16th Jun 07) , after breakfast, we packed our luggage and checked out at 12 noon. We visited Japanese Garden and the Rabbit's Park. The sceneries at Japanese garden were beautiful with lushes of greeneries and we enjoyed fresh air!

Next we went to the Rabbit Park. The children were very excited! There were so many rabbits for them to feed. It was Yasmin's first encounter with a rabbit but she wasn't scared at all. Infact she actually forced the food into the rabbit's nose when it refused to eat hee hee...she's really a lil monster!

Since the weather in KL wasn't good, we decided to head off to Port Dickson. Both me and Ammar were disappointed cos Ammar really wanted to go to Cosmo World Themepark and KLCC for shopping...sigh....And worst, i couldn't meet my cousin who stayed in KL as well.

The traffic to PD was slow cos there was a traffic jam caused by an accident. It was almost 5pm and we started to feel hungry! Finally at 6pm, we arrived PORT DICKSON LEGEND WATER CHALET. It was my 2nd time in this hotel cos i really love the room, the service and breakfast buffet spread! I went to the reception to check in but was told there was no booking made for me! Oh dear, Mr Tan, the sales person had wrongly booked my checked in date. Thanks to Nura Dilla, the Front Office staff, had managed to secure two rooms for me! Phew.... !

We decided to go for dinner at 7.30pm...our stomaches were growling protesting for food! We had seafood dinner! We had prawns,crab,fish etc and we even packed food to eat at the hotel room. We never had enough...just too hungry! But poor Tiara vomitted her food again.

The next morning (17th June 2007) after breakfast, we rested awhile before checked out at 1pm. From there we went to Ostrich Farm. It was another sunny day! Here in Ostrich Farm, you can find birds, monkeys, horses, reptilias, etc...The kiddos were very happy cos they had hands on with the animals in here! It was really an eye opener for them.

We then 'shoot' off to the the beach for lunch and bought souvenirs before going back home! I love the 'nasi goreng kampong'.

Home Sweet Home....

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