Friday, 22 June 2007

Historical Langkawi

On Good Friday (6th Apr 07), me and my family of 10, went to Langkawi! We took off by flight on Malaysia Airline and arrived Langkawi at 5.30pm due to flight delay. Our driver, Pak Lah, was there to welcome us. We headed straight to the CENTURY SURIA CONDOMINIUM where we will be staying throughout the 3 days. After 'wash up', we went out again to have dinner in a mall. The Mall looked gloomy...not many people and shopping not that great either. I only bought some clothings at REJECT SHOP. That night was rather boring. Everyone slept early to get ready for the next day acitivity.

Breakfast (7th Apr 07) wasn't great. Mom was pulling a long face! Well we actually stayed in an apartment which provided basic breakfasts only. Mom is used to have buffet spread each time she went for holiday. She insisted to change to a hotel but was stopped by my elder brother, Izad. Just looked at MOM's boring face hee hee.
After breakfast, we went to NUSANTARA to buy some 'gamat'. There are many other GAMAT 'factory' but NUSANTARA is the most popular one. It is located by the main road going towards Kuah Town. Here you can find all kinds of Gamat stuffs like balm, oil, soap, water etc....I bought many of the gamat oils and balms as souvenirs.

Then we headed off to Makam Mahsuri. I was really looking forward to visit Makam Mahsuri but my trip there wasn't a pleasant one! I request to see the Manager to ask for 'Travel Agent' rates but the lady staff made me went from one places to another and worst i had to make an international call from my mobile to look for the Manager! She didn't even bother or offer further help except repeatedly asking me to call her Manager myself cos she couldn't locate him! Ridiculous right! And my 2nd bro who is a malaysian (S'pore PR) and supposed to be entitled to 'local' entrance fees but was denied! Just bcos he didn't bring his 'MY CARD'. Despite showing his passport, he was still denied! To cut it short, the staffs at Makam Mahsuri were in exprienced and unfriendly. I just wonder how these people can ever work in a travel related industry when they can't even smile and handle simple counter job! Mind you, Malaysia's government is strongly promoting VISIT MALAYSIA YEAR 2007 but yet 'these' people spoilt the image! Had Zakki not stopped me, i would have turned sacarstic! Hmmm maybe bcos i work in travel industry thus i expect the same services i rendered to my customers LOL.

Next we headed to UNDERWATER WORLD! The weather was hot and sunny. At the sametime, at Pantai Cenang there was a WATER CARNIVAL. Hmmm infact i had planned a surprised birthday party for my 2nd bro, Fendy. He turned 32 on 5th April! It was kept a secret from him and his wife! Haizul and Salina from UNDERWATER WORLD has been very kind in planning this party for me. I met them at the entrance and discuss a lil of the surprise party. And best of all, Salina was with us throughout the tour...we felt like VIPs heehee....Then i was signalled that the PENGUIN MASCOT was waiting at the corner to surprise my brother with a birthday cake! But suddenly, my sis in law, Kak Pah out of the blue shouted to my bro, 'Hei look its yr name at the banner!'......Gosh....but luckily, my bro 'catch' no balls of what she had shouted....cos i quickly pulled her aside. Hee hee...she almost foiled my plan.....And finally bro was indeed surprised and maybe he was shy too...I was glad that everything went smoothly....We were served with Fish & Chips, Chicken Chop, peanuts,popcorn, drinks etc....and voila there were 2 cakes for my bro! And he received a surprised bday gift compliments by UNDERWATER WORLD. Thumbs Up to Salinah, Haizul and the rest of the staffs who had helped to arrange for the birthday party. And hope my Bro was happy with the arrangements. Muakzsss....!!!
Next, we went to Lagenda Malacca, Dataran Lang, a shopping centre (which i forget the name) and finally to pasar malam. Great! We bought laksa. So cheap! Cost RM2.50 only. Cheapest in Kuah Town! Mommy bought durian as well. We smuggled it into the hotel hee hee ...Yummy!
It was a 'wrap' of the day. We went back to hotel and the kids went for a dip in the pool.
That night we slept late. Talked about family affairs...
8th April 07, final day...last 'torturing' bfast for MOM hee hee....After bfast we went to TASIK DAYANG BUNTING! The boat ride was fun! The kiddos except Yasmin liked it. But wow... the view was magnificent...mesmerizing. I love the tranquility surrounding me at that moment. The air was fresh! We were the first to arrive. Taking a slow walk up to the steps leading to the "lake". Oh boy, the steps were steeped and very tiring! Not recommended for faint heart, weak knees or asthmatic people LOL! Poor MOM braved through the steps and my Lil Princess, Yasmin was a good hiker as well! She refused to be carry. She climbed up the steps pridefully! U go girl! Finally we arrived at the was superb...quiet...only sounds of birds...! We rented 5 'solar boat' and 'ventured' the lake by ourselves. The water wasn't clear and there were no fishes to feed. We actually bought bread to feed the fishes but was told the 'pond' was 'closed' for good! Sigh! Suddenly while we were enjoying the 'boat ride', Zakki heard noises near the river bank and shouted to Ammar who was near to us that there were monkeys on the nearby trees. But the noise got louder and we heard a loud SPLASH within seconds. of the tree had actually fell off and it happened few metres away from where Ammar was! Btw, Ammar took the same boat ride with Fendy. It definitely scared me out of my wits! What if the tree had hit the boat which Ammar was on! Without hesitation, i shouted at Ammar to turned back to the shore. I was trembling. Mom was worst! She doesn't want to stay any longer! She said, the spirits at Tasik Dayang Bunting might not be happy or maybe Ammar must have been too talkative hee hee...

After the boat trip, we went for a last minute shopping at the Duty Free Shopping Mall. Actually nothing cheap...almost the same price as in Singapore. Better to shop at Malacca hee hee! After that we headed off to airport! We were early and so had our lunch at the cafe. As usual, Yasmin was hyper active and once onboard the flight, she dozed team was Zakki of course...the sleepy heads! Hee hee my chance to savour on her 'Kids' Meal'...yummy!

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