Sunday, 8 July 2007


My weekend was great! Myself, two kids, elder bro and Mom went to visit my relatives at Pasir Putih, Johore Bahru. On Saturday morning, after Ammar finished his religious class, Zakki droved us to Angsana. There, we met my two cousins, whom we fondly called her GEMBOT and ASHIK. From there, we 'swopped' to their car. Zakki couldn't joined us cos he has to work night shift this week.

We had lunch at Pizzahut! Swell! We ordered so much food cos everybody were hungry! The Malaysia Mega Sale has just started and so it was really very crowded. I only managed to go REJECT SHOP cos my Mom couldn't wait to too see my aunt at Kampong! Sigh...

It took about 4o minutes to arrive kampong and everybody fell asleep soon after we got into the car hee hee...too much pizza i guessed.

We always look forward to go back kampong! Especially Ammar and Yasmin, they love it there! The freedom to play and run around in the big house! Playing with the cats and feeding the chickens!. Foods are abundant at the road side stalls and i love to buy the goreng pisang and burung puyoh goreng. In the afternoon, there will be this 'uncle' who will sell ice cream on his motorbike!

More fun if its on Saturday cos there will be Pasar Malam at Pasir Gudang! The Pasar Malam here isn't the same as in Singapore. Here at the kampong you can buy cheaply like vegetables, pirated cds, clothes and especially local foods! Normally i will buy popcorn which cost only RM0.50 per packet and fresh water melon juice which cost only RM1.00! What a deal!

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