Monday, 16 July 2007


Yasmin had her follow up check up at NUH, ENT on Thursday, 12th July 2007. Just two weeks ago, we were there for her ear infection treatment and it seemed it never got better. Yasmin has been having ear infection since 8 months old! The ear infection has been re-occuring since then. By the way, her ear wax on both ears are black and sticky but no odour. Dr Annette Ang tried to 'clean' it up but Yasmin always put up a strong struggle. So in the end , we can only rely on SOFRADEX to treat her.

I decided to opt for the day surgery bcos Yasmin has been complaining of pain on both ears and it affected her sleep. She even had nightmares and worst her temper too was no good. So finally, on Friday, 13th Aug 2007, Yasmin was due to have her ear surgery. Yasmin had to fast since 7am in the morning. Poor girl, she has been crying for milk and food! I gave all sorts of excuses to distract her from food and drinks! Can you imagined a glutton like her had to fast??? It wasn't easy for her but she is a strong girl! Both me and my MOM had too fast as well!
At 12.15pm, Yasmin and i was asked to wait at the WAITING ROOM in the SURGERY ROOM. Yasmin started to cry and struggle when asked to change into the 'surgery gown'. Two nurses were there to assist me and they did a great job to calm Yasmin down. They distracted Yasmin with her favourite HELLO KITTY stickers! Surprisingly, Yasmin allowed Nurse Shantie to carry her...normally she wouldn't want to go with strangers.
10 minutes before the surgery, the ANAESTHECIAN briefed me on the procedures. And by 12.15 noon, Yasmin was wheeled into the OT. You can bet her struggling began with loud cries . It was so heart wrenching to see Yasmin crying but i had to be strong too hee hee LOL. After struggling for 5 minutes and unable to place the 'mask' onto her face, i decided to carry her on my lap and binded her with a blanket. Dr Ang didn't want to do that cos she said would traumatise Yasmin but i insisted cos otherwise, the surgery would not start at all. When the 'mask' was put on, within seconds, Yasmin fell asleep. I placed her onto the bed and left! Doctor said the procedure would take about 15 minutes and maybe another 30 mins for her to wake up. So i decided to have lunch with my Mom who has been waiting for me at the WAITING ROOM.

We quickly went to the foodcourt and ordered our food. But just before i was about to eat my chicken rice, i received a call from the hospital. Dr Ang wantted to see me. Oh gosh, my heart was racing. Why was i called in less than 10 minutes after the surgery? Was there a complication? I quickly took a spoonfull of chicken rice and rushed back to the OT. There Dr Ang was waiting for me with a small plastic folder. She was done with the surgery! That was fast! She showed me the 'debris' found in both Yasmin's ears! She said there were traces of papers and puss in Yasmin's left ear. And on the right ear, Dr Ang found a hard ear wax as big and hard like a water melon seed! wonder whenever i called for Yasmin, she would replied to me 'ah'? I thought she was just being naughty but indeed she couldn't hear me clearly. Thank god i opted for the day surgery. Otherwise those 'debris' would still be in her ears and she has to suffer longer.

I was asked to see Yasmin at the RECOVERY ROOM but declined so because she was still soundly sleeping. And...i need to finish my lunch too hee hee. So again i quickly went back to have my lunch and within 10 minutes i received a call from the hospital agan. I was asked to go down immediately cos Yasmin was crying! Huh...Yasmin was awake! But i was not done with my lunch yet and my Mum was infact having her second bowl of beef noodles hee hee. Everyone was hungry that day....It was like a AMAZING RACE for time and Yasmin. We gobbled our food and quickly rushed to see Yasmin. The moment i entered the RECOVERY ROOM, i could hear Yasmin wailing loudly. There were so many 'aunties' and 'uncles' calming her down but it didn't worked this time. Maybe there were too many unfamiliar faces around her.

Shortly after that, Yasmin was given Ribena and biscuits but she has no appetite to eat. She must have felt drowsy and sleepy to eat anything. So instead i gave her a lollipop. She rested for about an hour before being allowed to be discharged.
Yasmin is still recovering from the surgery but so far she is doing well.
Yasmin will have to be on antibiotic (sofradex) for the next 2 weeks and continue with olive oil ear drops from now on. I will have to stop using the cotton buds on her.
My advise to all parents, DO NOT USE cotton buds on your young children especially babies. If you need to clean it then use 'OLIVE OIL' ear drop once a week. The function of olive oil it actually helps to moisturise the delicate ears and also to 'dilute' the ear wax which will go away through your 'urine'.

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