Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Twice in a month, Yasmin was bitten by Sarah! The first incident took place on 5th Aug 2007. We thought it was Zakki's younger brother, Fadhil, who is fond of biting Yasmin, did it. Cos when Zakki confronted Fadhil, he admitted it and apologised. Below are the bite marks on yasmin's tiny hands.

Because of the bite, Yasmin had a sudden high fever on the same night and by 4am i had to shower Yasmin with tap water. Her body temperature rosed up to 40.3 deg celcius! Yasmin didnt have a good sleep and by 3pm the next day, her body temperature rosed to 41 deg celcius. Just look at her pic below which i took the morning when she woked up, teary-eyed!

Without haste, i decided to send Yasmin to KK Children's A&E. I knew her fever will persist for days and i couldn't afford to let it continue because i had already planned for a holiday on National Day to Genting and Colmar.

Upon arrival in KK Hosp, i registered Yasmin's particulars and was immediately sent to the 'red door'. There a nurse and a lady doctor named Dr Mashitah were waiting for me. After a thorough check up, Yasmin had a bloodtest and was sent to the toilet for a 'cold shower' agn. Pity her, shivering and crying. After the 'cold shower', we waited outside while waiting for the 'bloodtest' result.

Alhamdullillah, the bloodtest results was just the normal virus but Yasmin's fever will have to be monitored continuosly. Her body temperature dropped slightly to 40 degress celcius when we left KK Hosp. Alhamdullillah again, her fever totally 'gone' when we arrived Genting on 10th Aug 2007! But before long, Yasmin was bitten again on 15th Aug 2007. I was chatting with Zakki's family members when Yasmin let out a loud cry! Bibik said Yasmin was bitten by my niece, Sarah and i thought nothing serious but i got shocked when i saw a similar 'bite mark' which resembled the previous one!

When i held Yasmin closer, OMG the bite was deep and blue! Tust me, i was almost in tears as well cos i just couldn't believe it that she was badly bitten. At that moment, i felt only anger and finally shocked when the truth was Sarah who had bitten Yasmin's hand and not Fadhil. I wasn't told at all abt the truth and very disappointed. So all the while Fadhil was made the 'capegoat' He admitted it bcos he too knew that only him in the family, who loves to tease and 'bite' Yasmin. So when the truth is out, i am both relieved and disappointed.

Since the incident,Zakki and i take extra caution whenever we visitted his family. We make sure that Yasmin is not left alone with Sarah. Yasmin is still playing with Sarah but she too, was a lil weary of Sarah hee hee...Yasmin would cling on tu Bibik when left alone with Sarah. We don't want another 3rd bite happened to Yasmin. As it is Yasmin is still recovering from her ear surgery which has yet to be healed.
Infact the 'bite scar' on Yasmin's arm is stil visible. It hurts so much to see Yasmin being sick and in pain since July with 'bouts' of 'unpleasant incidences. Each time when she cried her left ear would hurt. She would pressed her left ear to control the pain. Both incidents had left Yasmin traumatised. Her spirit is low and she lost her appetite. She has been a 'cry baby' and just today, Teacher Liz, called me. She said Yasmin has been crying and refused all interactions. She only clung on to the teachers! It would take some time for her to regain her usual self. Insyallah.

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