Monday, 10 September 2007


Yesterday afternoon i decided to bring my children for shopping and dining. We went to UNITED SQUARE. Yes it is my favorite place bcos everything there has all the children's neccessities!. We first went to popular bookstore to get some art crafts stuffs. Next to Toys R Us to buy 'PLAY-DOH' and then to GUESS Boutique to buy a bag and socks for Yasmin .
Once done, we went downstairs to the Atrium. There is a BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP going on there. Both Yasmin and Ammar were so thrilled. To purchase these bears, you will have to go through seven fun steps!
First step - Yasmin chosed a pink bear named 'Hopeful Wishes Teddy' with an option to include a 'sound device' in the bear's body. Then we proceeded to the 'WOOL MAKING MACHINE' for the inserts.
Second step, as you can see above, the wools are inserted into the bear's body through a 'metal-pipe'.

Third step, some 'fixing's here and there to even out the wools in the bear's body.

Fourth step, Yasmin was asked to make a wish. She was given a small cushion of a heart design to insert into the bear's body.

Fifth step - Secured stitchings at the back .

Sixth step, brush and 'dry clean' the bear.

Seventh step - Make a birth certificate for the bear.

Viola! Finally 'HOPEFUL TEDDY WISHES' finally came alive! Yasmin prefers 'teddy' to be in its original self without any accessories. This lovely teddy cost only S$41.90!

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