Monday, 10 September 2007


Last Friday i took time off to spent quality time with Ammar. We went for 'ANGEL CLAY' making class. It was our first time but we did quite good! It was fun coloring, kneading and moulding the 'Angel Clay'. At the end of the day, i bought a box of Angel Clay to try it out at home. It cost S$10.50 for 65g.

Angel Clay is a new concept of clay from Korea , produced using challenging nanotechnology. With this new concept, Angel Clay has caused a stir in the clay industry in Korea . Its special characteristic is in its lightness . Its weight is only 1/8 that of the weight of normal clay . Not only that, the amazing thing is that when it dries up, it becomes even lighter! Because it is so light, you can use it to create sophisticated artwork which was never possible with conventional clay.
Angel Clay has a smooth and moist texture that makes you want to keep touching and kneading it. Because it comes in white, Angel Clay gives you the flexibility to create any colour you desire by use of poster colours, highlighters, markers, or any water-based and felt-tip pens.
A major strength of Angel Clay is that water is able to restore its softness and moisture should it dry up due to exposure to air. All you need to do is spray water on it, keep it covered in its container for a few days, and the Angel Clay can be used again!
With Angel Clay, the possibilities to create are endless . It is safe, non-toxic and so easy to manipulate; suitable for both children and adults!

Above are in-house samples done by the instructors.

Ammar did a (left) muffin topped with a flower design while i did a colourful cupcake.

Ammar with both of his creations.

The class ended for 1h 30 min and we are allowed to bring back our 'creations'.

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