Friday, 5 October 2007


On last year fasting month, i had placed a deposit of S$30 with a guy named 'A'au' who has a shop selling 'Kebaya Nyonya' at Chinatown. The deposit was meant for a kebaya which i had ordered for Yasmin to wear on Hari Raya 2006. I often patronised his shop when i was working around Tg Pagar. Unfortunately, there wasn't any suitabe size for Yasmin who was then only 2 years old. Months passed and i totally forgot about the deposit and i have, too, stopped partonising his shop at Chinatown.

Until yday, i went to the Bazaar at Geylang and 'bumped' into a shop that sells Kebaya Nyonya! I was attracted by a children's size kebaya that was on display. Excitedly, i went into the shop and started to browse. There were white, blue and pink color kebaya. I wanted the pink color kebaya but only the blue kebaya has size 2 so i settled for it. The kebaya comes with a matching 'kain batik lepas' with glitters on it.

Just when i was about to pay...out of curiousity, i asked the sales girl if they happened to own a shop at Chinatown? And she replied yes. Ha it is the same shop owned by A'Au! I asked to speak to A'Au but currently he is in Malaysia. Luckily there was another lady who had helped me to call A'au's sister and told her about my deposit which wasn't returned to me since last year.

Alhamdullillah, A'au's sister agreed to offset the S$30 deposit and i paid a difference of S$15 for the Kebaya Nyonya.

Back home, i tried the 'Kebaya Nyonya' on Yasmin again.
Finally this year when Yasmin is 3 years old, i can wear matching 'Kebaya Nyonya' with her on our upcoming Hari Raya visits.

It was hillariously super cute on her! Yasmin loves the 'Kebaya Nyonya' and started to dance immitating "Lilis" from sinetron 'Mimpi Manis' hee hee hee...Take a look at the shots...

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