Thursday, 18 October 2007


Last Monday, Ammar was at my parents in law's house.
He played football by himself and wore only slippers.
And the next thing, obviously, he ended up with a fractured toe!

My father in law told me about it but since Ammar wasn't complaining of any serious pain, i don't see the necessity to bring him to see a doctor.

He looked ok although a lil bruised.
I thought with a lil urut would do the trick.

But it was only yesterday (Tuesday 16th Oct) that he started to feel pain when he tried to walk. I thought he was just exagerrating.
But seeing him limping, i knew he need immediate medical help.

So at 4.30pm, i sent him to KK CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.
The x-tray results, showed that Ammar had a broken toe. Sigh.....
He was casted and i need to buy walking crutches for him.
Ammar was complaining about the weight of the cast.
He is not used to the crutches and instead moving around using a chair.

At night i heard him sighing...'there goes my duit collection' hee hee.
I lied to him that i had used his money to bear the cost of his medical fees.
But of cos it wasn't his money...wink wink wink
But my most worrry tuesday his final exams will start!

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