Monday, 22 October 2007


Believe it or not but i went to my old school today - Aroozoo School which is now taken over by DPS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. Left Aroozoo School about 18 years ago...

Felt so nostalgic. With me was my son, Ammar Rizqullah. I was around the area and decided to pop by and co-incidently, a relative of mine is a teacher there now. I was proud to show Ammar my primary school...He loves the big green field!

Staircase leading to the 'Outdoor Hall' .

Front view of the 'Outdoor Hall'.

Back view of the 'Outdoor Hall'.

Basket Ball Court

My favourite spot during recess time.

The Toilet. A must 'GO' place everyday!

Used to be a Bookshop. But it is now the Transport Room.

Indoor Hall...Assembly during raining days.

The tuckshop.

Used to have 5 food stalls and 1 drink stall. But there is only one Indian Foodstall run by KOMALA VILLAS.

In the picture, is Ammar...tired from walking using the crutches

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