Sunday, 20 January 2008


Had been a busy day for me today.

Sent Ammar to school for his choir practice at 11 am and then i 'shoot' off to Bugis for shopping with Yasmin.

Quick lunch at Swensens before rushing off to 'pick ' Ammar from school at 1.30pm. Lunch wasn't great cos i found a strand of hair in my 'banana split and another one in the mini chicken burgers which i ordered for Yasmin. Yucks...And of course i complained to the Manager and paid full for that!

Arrived home at 3.40pm and have a quick change. Fetched Sue and her kiddo, Afif at Causeway Point - 4.28pm. Well at least i was early cos i told Sue i would be there by 4.45pm hee hee...
My children were excited to go to Azfiq's birthday party. Especially Yasmin, she loves parties and foods.

But what she loves most is cake cutting time...she loves to blow the candles kahkahkah

See what i mean...each time when Lil Azfiq wanna blow the candle, Yasmin would interframe...She blew off the candle!

Mummy Yanni had a great laugh!
Joining Yasmin to blow the candle...was this cute boy in the blue shirt. He is so cute! I loike his 'mangkok' hairstyle. Reminded me of Ammar when he was a toddler...
I dare not stand beside Yanni cos i am phobia of 'big preggy mom'. Seriously, it would make me wanna faint...dunno why...maybe the size of the tummy...whakakakaka...

Makan time.
Happy cheeky time....Hope it would last forever.

Sue...representing us a bouquet of flowers to Sabrina who is celebrating her birthday on 20th Jan.

May Allah blessed you with all the goodness in life and true love that you've been yearning for all this while...Insyallah. Hugs from us all.

Yeah...really hot!.Yasmin...Rose among thornssssssss

Before saying goodbye, we took picture with errr...HOTMOM, LADYBIRD? Am i right?

Below are pictures taken at TOYSRUS @ VIVOCITY on Friday, 18th Jan 08.
Bought birthday prezzie for LIL AZFIQ!

Hope he likes it...

From Mommies = Ann, Sue, Diva, Rini, Sabrina, Mas & Isnie.

With Diva and her shy dotter, Alyssa.

With Mama Vogue, Sue.

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