Sunday, 20 January 2008


(18th Jan 2008)
Half an hour before the school bus came, Yasmin told me she wanted Zakki to drive her to school instead.

We hesitated at first but finally decided to send her to school.

So i called the bus driver not to fetch her.

Look at Yasmin...She's happy....

When we arrived, the parking space was empty and only realised that we're too early.

School starts at 1pm but we arrived at 12.40 noon. But Zakki rushing for his friday prayers today.

So i decided to leave Yasmin with the teachers and hopefully they don't mind.

But most importantly, Yasmin must be ok! Cos if she cries...i'm doomed hee hee.

So as usual Yasmin will have to open her shoes first and put it at the shoerack.

The she walked into her classroom passing by O'KIDSPOT.

And next put her school bag and water bottle in the designated cupboards on the left side.

She's calm and cool and knew that i would leave her with the teachers.

She can only play at the O'KIDPSPOT' when the rest of the children has arrive at 1pm only.

Bye Yasmin....

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