Sunday, 20 January 2008


I waited for 2nd Jan 2008 with much anticipation

Feeling both excited and scared for Yasmin.

Not sure how she will react to new environment, teachers and friends.

I decided to take two days leave to attend to Yasmin.

Luckily for me, it was Zakki's day off too.

We decided to drive Yasmin to school instead of taking the school bus on the first day.

Along the way to school, i talked about her new school.

Funny...all that she was excited and looking forward are the O'Kidspot Playground and the swimming pool...hee hee...Well at least...there is something that excites her to go school.
The moment she hopped off from the car, i took a picture of her.
Can you see the big smile on her face???


Miss June is the form teacher while Mdm Zhang teaches mandarin.

School starts from 1 - 4 pm.

The school uniform is out of stock. So for the next few weeks, Yasmin will have to wear home clothes to school

Yasmin feeling scared but still giving me the 'OK' sign. So Cute!

Her spirit is up and down.

Final 'peace' sign from Yasmin before going into her new classroom.

She held hands with Isaac, who too was scared.

Five steps ahead...she started to cry softly and finally loud, louder, loudest! More children began to cry as well. And suddenly Yasmin stopped and threw up! She vomitted! Sigh....I guessed so much that she will cry and vomit! Luckily i was fully prepared for this. In her bag, was a clean set of clothes, towel, diapers and baby oil. One of the teacher, whom i couldn't recall the name, carried Yasmin to the toilet for shower! I followed along and helped to clean Yasmin.
When she's done, the teacher brought Yasmin into the classroom. Yasmin was wailing and struggling. I signalled to the teacher that i would wait outside. Gosh...10 minutes passed and Yasmin's wailing got louder. She was calling for me. Maybe because Yasmin knew i was outside the classroom and so she was persistent to have the door opened!. Yes and alas...finally the door was opened and the teacher wanted me to go in.

Yasmin's face was red and wet! I was the only parent in the classroom. There were still many children crying. But two boys caught my attention! One of them is Nixon. He is a 'big' boy and whose brother too happened to be Ammar's classmates at LSH. Nixon was rolling on the floor and wailed loudly! He wouldn't allowed the teachers to touch him. He continued to cry for the next half an hour before dozed off. He must be too tired from crying hee cute. The next boy is Isaac. He was crying in silent and tears rolled down his cheeks but at the same time, he put a bravefront. His mom, Mdm Ang, was by the window. Every now and then, Isaac would looked out for his mom and showed her the 'peace' handsigned...i felt very ticklish by his actions. Very cool indeed.

To cut the story short, i was with Yasmin till lessons over. Oh yes, you might be wondering where is Zakki all this while right? When Yasmin vomitted, i passed him the camera and he went to the car to sleep! So that is why i couldnt capture anymore pictures when Yasmin re-entered her classroom!

Voila...while checking my hp...i saw pictures of Yasmin. I forgot that i had actually snapped her pics using my mobile.


Very cosy. Bright and colorful.

Ok so Yasmin got the right spot.

Off she ran to the 'PLAY AREA'.

She definitely will love to go school...but...sighhhh

Engrossed playing and she didnt realised that i had went out of the classroom.

The steps on the left, leads to the mini library.

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