Sunday, 20 January 2008

Yasmin - Day 2 @ Lil Skoolhouse Intl (On The Green)

On the second day of school, zakki and i drove Yasmin to school.

After the teachers took Yasmin's body temperature, she was allowed to play at the 'OKIDSPOT'.

While there, i decided to leave Yasmin to play on her own. But before doing that, i told Yasmin about it and she said ok. So off i went to a 'REST AREA' and sat behind a pillar.

I approached Ms June and passed her Yasmin's school bag and water bottle.

When the bell rang, i heard a scream. And Yes that was Yasmin. She was looking for me. And suddenly i heard the children screaming!. Guess what? Yasmin vomitted at the playground entrance! Sighhh...there goes again.
But this time i decided to just wait and see.
Yasmin will have to start to be independent and that would be today.

Mdm Ang was very kind to help me snap few shots of Yasmin.

I was told Yasmin clung on to this teacher throughout the lessons.

Yasmin took the school bus home. The driver, Mr Chia told me that Yasmin cried all the way from school to CTE Ang Mom Kio before finally dozed off.

Long day for her indeed....hee hee hee

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