Sunday, 20 January 2008

Yasmin Still Crying On 6th Day Of School

It is already the 6th day of school and Yasmin is still crying.

The moment we stepped out from home, Yasmin asked Zakki to carry her.

In the car, Zakki asked me if everything is ok in school. He is quite frustrated cos Yasmin refused to go to school and we had to coax and give in to her demands...and that allow play with Zakki's newly bought hp N95 (8G) which he swore to me...wont let Yasmin touch it. Hee hee...but alas...bcos his lil princess is crying...Zakki reluctantly 'loan' it to her ...

Errrr...actually...i 'lied' to Zakki that Yasmin is ok and not crying anynore. But the actual fact is...Yasmin is till crying till yday when i left her with Ms June.

I rather not tell Zakki more about Yasmin's daily crying bcos he is the same like my parents. Will give in to Yasmin's threats and cries ...hee hee hee. Zakki is simple minded and one of his weaknessess is...he can't see Yasmin crying. But not me cos i am 'tougher'...i am willing to co-operate with the teachers. To Zakki, its ok to miss school rather than to see his precious princess to cry...His fav quote, TAKPER...BUKANNYA KITA TAK BAYAR SCH FEES. TAK PEGI PON TAKPER.....sighhhhhhh

Hmmmm so today Zakki decided to follow me into the classroom. I am doom sey!

When we entered the classroom...Yasmin was ok...and then i brought her to O'KIDSPOT to play...while Zakki sat at the 'REST AREA'...'meddling' with his N95. Yasmin was happy and about to play the slide when suddenly she screamed! I was shocked! I tot she had stepped onto a sharp object! She turned back to me. Crying and asked me not to leave her! Hee hee...Gosh...i think she must hv phobia lah. She's worried that i would leave her while she go down the slide...Alamak!

And when i looked straight...i tot i saw a familiar figure...standing straight with folded arms! Oooopppsss....that is Zakki looking at us. He frowned.

Zakki carried Yasmin. We sat at the 'REST AREA' and that very moment, Ms June came to us with a plastic bag. I think by now is already a routine for Ms June to carry a plastic bag each time Yasmin arrives school...just in case if she vomits hee hee. Then Ms June politely asked Yasmin who was still crying..."Hi Yasmin...(pointing at Zakki) Is this yr Daddy?". Yasmin nodded. Ms June continued, " is a special day...Daddy came to see you in school". Without asked, Ms June told us that Yasmin only cried for a while and happy to participate in class prob on that matter.

I signalled to Ms June that she can 'have' Yasmin now. The next obvious thing...Yasmin was struggling, crying and calling me and Zakki. Zakki looked stunned to see Yasmin crying that 'bad'. I told Zakki lets gooooooooooooo...In my heart...MAMPOS GUE DLM KERETA NANTI...kah kah kah...Zakki looked at me with a cunning smile...Confirm lah ni...i will be questioned by Zakki later on.

I quickly exited leaving Zakki at the back...but he quickly held my hands... Ha ha way to escaped....Zakki smiled at me. Sak jer....He asked me," Mcm ni ker Yasmin selalu kat sekolah?". I was ready with a simple answer..."Errr...tak lah...Ni pasal u ader dats why Yasmin manja semacam!"...."Norm dia ok when i left her tau"! Zakki replied, "Eh betol ker nie...lain mcm jer...tapi maybe lah eh". I just smiled!

Waited for Zakki to exit from the carpark.

Yasmin had chocolate rice donut.

The moment Yasmin saw a red Mazda 3 approaching...she started to sighhhh



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