Sunday, 20 January 2008

Yasmin Crying again on 7th Day Of School

I left office at 12noon. Rushed to Toa Payoh to fetch Yasmin and then headed to her school at Yishun.

In the taxi, she clung to me. I told her i had a headache and wanted to sleep for a while. She replied "I want to sleep oso.
Kita balek ok"...Hee hee...macam tak salah cakap.

The moment we arrived at her school...muka Yasmin dah mendung.

I took her to the main entrance, opened her shoes and went straight to the class to put her bag and water bottle. She started to cry by now. Then we went to the O'KIDSPOT but Yasmin wasn't interested. She knew i would leave her at anytime.

Just take a look at her pics. She only sat on the 'horsey' refusing to join her friends. Crying all the way.

And yes...i managed to videotape her...See it for yourself if my blog telling the truth.
Check out my videos.

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